Multiple if else condition and data being pulled from excel

I have couple of if else conditon need to check which was executed , also need to check wether all are executed if yes or no
As you can see in excel there is M,N,O and this M,N,O( data to be compared is stored in one of local varaible) has a condition to fullfill and in real automation i have similar six rows which i need to compare with a varaible having certain value if all values in coulmn are true then mark yes or no.

Hi @apurvalost

So what is your problem?
I don’t really get it

Could you explain more detail


You can see in excel there are M,N,O,P = I want to process something based on M , something on N which i did by splitting it with “,”. Want to make sure all process in if else is being completed and want to generate a verification message for same using write line or what ever its possible.

Hi @apurvalost,

Is your automation reading the excel, and using the data in it to drive the execution of the if/else statements? And you want to keep track of which if/else block was executed and write it back to the excel?


Pedro Arroyo

@pedro.arroyo Yes perfect need to pull data from excel and perform certain action as per words in that cell meanwhile also want to track it out that all action we performed as this if/else is making core decision of whole automation and this automation is going to be core funtion of bussiness - so need to hardcode as much as possible is m y goal.