If Condition required please hel me

Hi all,
EU List.xlsx (17.4 KB)

In Excel Two sheets are available. One is Input Sheet another EU List Sheet.
My question is if input sheet country is equal to eu list sheet then do some operation else do some other operations
I used this condition in IF
row(“named insured country”).to string.equals(line(“EU list”).to string)
When running the above if condition by default else block is executing I don’t know why.
Please help its very urgent in my automation.

Hi @Reddy_1

Put the condition like this
row(“Named Insured Country”).ToString.Trim.Equals(line(“EU List”).ToString.Trim)

Nived N
Happy Automation

I will check and get back to u.

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Still else only executing No change

Hi @Reddy_1
can u show the workflow and explain the usecase what u need ?

@Reddy_1 sequencecountry.xaml (9.6 KB)

This may help you.


I will check and confirm

Sorry Still Else only executing…

Workflow not possible


Send workflow.


Its working and I want remaining un matched details also

It’s Working. I saved all the Europe countries in Array then used IF its worked.

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