Excel issue when applied condition


For example i have below column in excel, and my Decision is to check if the column “Approved” has filled YES then proceed then its true which with proceed else its false and abort.

This decision only works with FALSEif the last row is NO.


How can i fix this?

@syed_Basha, dint get your complete requirement.

But this one seems to be a logic miss out. You need to use Break in the else part as you intention is to abort the process once it reaches else condition.

Note If its not the scenario can you please elaborate more ?

Dom :slight_smile:

Hi Dominic,

Let’s say in the excel sheet I have a column with 10 rows and only two entries are allowed in this column that is YES/NO

When yes it should do a process let’s say process1

When no it should do process 2 which is to write a message saying that column has one filed as NO please update.

I used decision with condition as below
Column name = YES

Issue is that the false part of decision to go to process2 only working when the last row of this column is NO.

Where as it should work in what ever row NO exist which is what I am expecting.

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@syed_Basha, If it could work for the last row why not middle ones ? :thinking:

You can also check this,

Check for trailing spaces and case sensitivity and remove it before comparing.
row("columnName").ToString.Trim.Equals("No", stringcomparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase)

Note Without seeing your code implementation it’s quite tough to debug. You can consider and proceed further.

Dom :slight_smile:

Hi there,Project.zip (16.5 KB)

Please find attached a sample project attached to which i am getting error, where as it should open login page based on the desition

Please assit here

@syed_Basha, As said before

The values are overwritten. If you have the values in the last row then probably there will be no values for over-writing. Thats why if you place the item in last row works always.

Scenario: Variable Agency_Name has found the match with your another excel. Since you haven’t used the break the values are overwritten. Kindly find the attachment FYR :slight_smile:
Maintest.xaml (23.7 KB)

Note (If you wish) You can also spare some time in UiPath Academy to have detailed idea about Datatables and also search our forum for more info.

Dom :slight_smile:

Thank you very much this really helps :slight_smile:

i need small help i have a url as below.

I want to edit “excel-issue-when-applied-condition/26912/8” from the url and replace it with “UiPath-vs-automation-anywhere-blue-prism/5305” how can i do that.

All i did we capture the information of the url to a variable :frowning: