If activity the if Condition is true but it is executing Else sequence?

In IF activity
i’ve Added a condition
even the condition is true the process is executing the Else sequence


What is the Condition you have written in the IF activity, possible share it here.
How you are saying that it is true but executing else part, does it have only one condition or multiple.

Before the For each there is one more if condition it is Executing

Better you can print both the values in a message box. I think here the condition is wrong thats why it is going to else.

What is this CurrentDate variable ? Plz do as above and confirm once.

have a look at the different debug options and panels (also there is a good course on the UiPath academy). Debugging and inspections with the different debug panels allows us quickly track and analyze such issues

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ive added the write line inside the if block it is working but if I add anything inside the else block it is directly executing Else block even the condition is true

Better you can go to debug mode->Highlight element->Stepinto and check each step one by one.

Then you will come to knowhow the flow is happening.

@Sreekar_Mulinti ,

Try like the following to ignore the case sensitive information

Convert.ToString(row.Item("1")).Equals(CurrentDate.ToString, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)

Also as said by @Rahul_Unnikrishnan try to debug it and check both values in Locals windows/Immediate window to identify the issue

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