Multiple Hotkey Trigger with multiple event handler

Dear Uipath expert outside, Good day,
I am trying to use User Events and Agent-Assisted Automation in UiPath, however i need guidance how to setup multiple hotkey to display different message.under a same roof.
Example: When i press:
Ctrl - a > i am a
Ctrl - b > i am b


I am using laptop and i also having problem to setup to use numeric key such as Ctrl - 1, Shift - 1, or Alt - 1
I try setup using (1) value or num1 but both also not working.

Hopefully someone outside able to assist me. Thank you very much.
God bless :slight_smile:

Put several Triggers an then inside Event Hander, use Get Event Info Activity to get Details about Event.

thanks for your guidelines, i do not see any options to review “Get event info activity”

Attached is my file, i only can do first hotkey q and the 2nd hotkey wont work.

Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

Hope you can help. Thank you very much.

Hi Asesor, appreciate your screenshot. the multiple hotkey is working however, the results is always same. I was expecting a different hotkey will give a different output. Thanks


Appreciate your guidance, its working :slight_smile: but right now, i have a 3rd new hotkey need to add-in, what should i do?

Add trigger next to others :slight_smile: and change your If statement to reach a new case :slight_smile: