Getting key pressed

Hi guys,

Using Event Monitoring how do you actually get the key that was pressed? I can get the modifier, e.g. ctrl + shift but not the key that accompanies it e.g. a …

I’ve attached my workflow - am I using Get Event Info correctly? I’m sure this is an easy one and I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before but now forgotten…I’ve left the Event Handler log as objEventInfo.Whatgoeshere? :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (24.3 KB)


@Teodor_Hoaghea I’ve lost the answer you sent to this question - could you please attach it to the bottom of this post?

Found it…


@qateam sorry for multiple posts. I’ve just reviewed this and whilst it is helpful for getting some information about what action was triggered it doesn’t actually tell you which key was pressed. So for example if you are on a New Message screen and you are waiting for a trigger that could be any number of key combinations then ideally you just want to know which combination was pressed so that you can program the workflow accordingly.

I just tried using parallels but this doesn’t seem to work particularly well and also means that you have to use multiple event trigger activities and update all of them whenever something needs changing.

Feel like I am missing something simple here…In simple terms what I am looking for is a more generic listener i.e. some keys were pressed --> check what keys they were --> ok now do action 3 outside of the monitor events sequence based on those keys.


Update from @Teodor_Hoaghea - this will be sorted in next release. :slight_smile:

Any news on this? - is it going to be available in 2017.1? In summary the KeyEventInfo should be available. I’ve noticed that you can actualy set the output of the Get Event Info activity to a KeyEventInfo. This would be a neat solution - perhaps having it as a separate property…