Front office robot (FOR)

I had a scenario in a call centre and was wondering how we can inplement this.

If there are more than a single repetitive task that needs to be performed on each workstation.
My understanding is only a single UiPath process can execute on that workstation.

So , if there are let’s say for example 2 actions that need to trigger 2 different process on a workstation how can
that be set up on a workstation using UiPath

example sake

  1. ctrl + r → triggers copying data from xyz.pdf to populate a form
  2. ctrl + w → triggerscopying data from abc.pdf to populate a form.

How can both these process be implemented on a workstation?

Hi @dennis,
Have you tried “Hotkey triggering activity”
Check Hotkey Trigger

Other option,
If you have the workflow in that machine, then create a shortcut to the main.xaml and add hot keys in it’s properties. But, in this case you may need to create 2 separate projects.