Hold a key and click multiple options

Hello happy coders :slight_smile: ,

I have one doubt. Need help.
I want to click on on multiple images/texts by holding control key so that they all get selected. Like we always do.
Please suggest a solution for that. I tried parallel but it didn’t word. got a key press trigger but not sure how to use that.

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@souravmaz Follow below link for reference

How to remove the existing default value

Thanks for reply, but I thinks it’s different from my requirement. I want to click multiple images by holding the Control key so that all get selected.

Hi @souravmaz,

Each and every time while clicking using KeyModifiers you can achieve that.

Hi Akila,

if I use multiple send Hot Key and click combo, it will take all separate clicks. Hence, all are not selected.
I want to keep the Control Button clicked like we manually do. Is it possible in UiPath?
Any Idea :slight_smile: