Multiple excel data into Queue but wanted to build performer like execute all records for excel 1 (some actions), then excel 2(some actions)

Hello Experts,

I need your input for below scenario :slight_smile:

I have 3 excel (can be multiple):

Excel 1 => 10 rows (column A - InvoiceNo)
Excel 2 => 20 rows (column A - InvoiceNo)
Excel 3 => 30 rows (column A - InvoiceNo)

Read all excel & data into Queue - (60 items) (Done)

Queue Item: Ex. InvoiceNo


I need to execute records of 1st file (10 records)
including any exception/retry

  • Perform some activity with 10 records

Then 2nd file records (from queue)

  • Perform some activity with 20 records

Then 3rd file records (from queue)

  • Perform some activity with 30 records

Thanks In Advance!!

Hi @Shashi_Deshmukh

Welcome to Community,

Do you need to perform same actions for all the files.?


Yes Right!