How to process 2 milion excel record without queue

Hi guys
I have few questions could you help me for that.

1.How to process 2 milion excel record without queue.

2.what is a limitation of rethrow activity if we have use multiple try catch for i.e 4 try catch in the last one i got error how to rethow it.

3.if i am using add bulk queue item to add 100 of record but in the 60 record bot have some error they does not able to add 40 record how we know that.

4.I have scenario where bot is processing 100 of record in between that after precess 40 record bot get fail due to application down as general bot will retry multiple time like 3x60 180 time aprox but business does not want they want if 10 time system exception occurred continue need to stop bot.

5.can you help me for object repository features and advantages.

  1. When we pull the item from queue using get queue item activity. Is queue status will change from New to inprogress ?

7.How to add datatable,list and array in orchestrator queue.

8.Latest features of orchestrator.

Please help me experts I really appreciate

I’ll try my best on these:

  1. I don’t think excel supports that many rows, but I don’t really believe looping through 1M rows is a good idea either. I strongly recommend to break it down into smaller chunks, using a Python dataframe perhaps…

  2. You can always add the rethrow on the finally but consider an architecture redesign, are you using a framework?

  3. You can use get queue items and vailade how many were uploaded, but my best recommendation is doing a data validation before uploading the queue items. Consider there’s a limit of 15000 lines Bulk Add Queue Items (

  4. have your exception handler go to end the process

  5. About Object Repository (

  6. get transaction item will get the next queue item, will be changed to in progress. get queue items will get queue items without changing the status you will need to apply filters to get the exact items you want Get Queue Items (

  7. You will need to build the queue items according to your needs Add Queue Item (

  8. Release notes 2022.4.1 (


Hi @Aleem_Khan,

I answered in order.

1-If you ask me, if you are not going to use a queue, transfer the data to a database table. In this way, you can get rid of that line by updating the status. In every study, your work is eliminated with old data.

2-You can proceed by making a transaction item datarow in the REF and feeding this datarow from the database. In the config file, you can set the number of repeats of the item on the side of the set transaction .xaml. While doing this, you need to check the status of coming to the process after each iteration.

3-You need to check all data before adding it. Filter out any special characters etc. values ​​or inappropriate lengths.

4-If you are using the REF template, you can set the shouldstop activity to true inside by adding a condition.

5-What help do you need?

6-The next item will be Inprogress.

7-If your data needs to be checked, it will be more useful to use addqueueitem in a loop.


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What is python dataframe ? please share any learning

For point no 2 yes I am using re framework
I am not clear with answer my questions is if i use nested trycatch and if i get error in very last try catch how many times i have to use rethrow ? Is there any limit ? For i.e I use 4 try catch and that is nested.

I really appreciate your input but the order no 1 answer is not related with questions please check.

Question 4 as I explained if any application error occurred like application get down in this case bot will retry as per item exist in queue so I do not want that so I need design a solution such a way if consequent exception occurred but need to be stop.

Please help me for that