FLow Switch


I am using Flow Switch activity. If i wish to have a ‘Case’ to match either string, how could i do it?

Example, how to achieve this?

Case: pen OR pencil


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You have to give your string to be tested under the EXPRESSION property of the flow switch


Then define each cases. Note: Cases are case sensitive, ie: Pen and pen are 2 different cases.

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Is it possible that i have pen Or pencil in 1 case.

meaning using only 1 case to match either pen or pencil

Try this


Thanks amithvs.

Any possibilities to match pen OR pencil using only 1 case.

By using FLOW switch I dont think so, as the case will accept only string input even if we put Pen OR Pencil, bot will take "“Pen OR Pencil” as the case string.

I suggest you to use normal IF condition where you have the flexibility to use multiple Conditions within a single statement.

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go through the below doc on switch activity.

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