Multiple choice in input dialog box

I need help on how to choose multiple fields from input dialog box. I see that there’s no functionality as such for now.
Thank you.

Yah we can in input dialog box activity
With this property

  • Options - An array of options to chose from. If set to contain only one element, a textbox appears to write text. If set to contain 2 or 3 elements, they appear as radio buttons to select from. If set to contain more than 3 items, they appear as a combo box to select from. This field supports only String Array variables.

Like if we set to more than three options it will come as a combo box with which we can select the one we need And get the output with a Results property

Or we got an another option

Cheers @Yashasri_Jakkula

Thanks but this was not what I was looking for. I want to select multiple options from the combo box.

Did that xaml helped us
Kindly have a view on it
Cheers @Yashasri_Jakkula

Check this demo :

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