I don't know Why input dialog is operating Plz advice me


Why Multiple Option don’t appear?
I used Assign Activity (String.Split(" ".ToArray)
But, It appear like IMAGE

What is input to your Input Dialog

my input is A.

I tried Your answer but it appear like First IMAGE

I want to apper multiple choice (Input Dialog)

Hi @jea0902,

I think the Input Dialog can only display radio buttons or dropdown. No checkboxes that would allow multiple choice… :thinking:

yeah I think so too

Hi @jea0902,

As per my knowledge input dialog will use only for input values passing to runtime

In real time scenarios while running process some where user need to pass manual enter input to judgement that time we will be use input dialog.

Omkar P

Check this and make changes as per your need

InputDialog.xaml (7.3 KB)