How/Is it possible to have multiple input fields in one input dialogue?

I want to have one input dialogue where the user will input two (or more) input values which will then be assigned to individual variables. Is this possible? How?

Thanks in advance!

@bokapakhi Can you elaborate more

Sure, when using input dialogue activity, A dialogue box comes up, the user inputs a value and that can be stored in a variable. I would like the input dialogue box to have multiple fields. For examples-

Please enter your height: [Input field for height]
Please enter your weight: [Input field for weight]

and then be able to save them into 2 different variables, such as,


is this possible?

Have a look at this activity and see if it helps. It allows you to create your forms as you need.

Rammohan B.

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Wow - this more than what I was looking for - thanks a lot to you and the creator of the form!