Help with checking google forms

Hi guys,

i’m trying to get the uipath to check boxes on this google forms using an excel table:
Because i’m new member i cant upload the files

os valor cc nota fiscal
69720 158.10 Mecanica 5531
69718 158.10 Mecanica 5531
69718 19.8 Mecanica 5531

Google forms link:

I having some problems with if statements, i create 3 new columns, New OS, New Valor and Verify. Then i use get text from firefox to get the first line, transform into excel and use the Verify column to create the true or fause statement. but just the first if works, even if the Verify column is true, it doesnt start the Then action, that is click the form.

Thank you

And if possible, to create a repeat clause for the script read all form lines, so i can use different tables to test it.

Here are the xaml, either one should work for the idea, and the excel files i’m using