Can't Choose Another Checkboxes in Google Forms

hi, i want to ask about error in UiPath.
i’m still learning about UiPath for now.

i have 2 multiple choices in google forms.
for checkboxes one in Process Category there’s nothing error.
but, in checkboxes Expected Benefits have some issues.
when UiPath running, they only click on Process Category.
example, the value in Process Category and Expected Benefits are “Others”.
when running, they will click on “Others” TWICE in Process Category.
they don’t want to scroll down.
i’ve tried to repair, change indicate on screen, change tag, etc but didn’t work.
i got the value from excel file then should be input to gforms.

Thank you in advace and GBU all…


As per the selector you have given it would always choose the first other button it finds

You need to include one more line in your selector which points to the required other only…

You selector should contain the section level or question level tag

For that sue the center top window in your ui explorer and find the question level line and check that box

So basically selector looks like this…this is just an example

<webctrl tag='DIV' innertext='Question1' />
<webctrl tag='BUTTON' inenrtext='{{actual variable}}' />


hi, thank you for the reply. but i’m so sorry i don’t get it. can you share the screenshoot for the sample? thank you in advance…


This menu to be used

click on ui explorer


hi, thank you… but still didn’t work… any idea? i have no clue anymore…

i jus don’t understand why it have error like this.
because last day i tried to running this, they can run smoothly without any issue.


Can you please show the new selector…it is clearly because of the selector being same for both without any differences