Multiple browsers getting opened

Hi folks,

I have a issue like when I run my automation multiple sessions of chrome (2) are getting opened.
I m looping through a datatble in which I had used open browser and in the same container a close tab. But still in attended mode I see previous data page is opened and bot is not able to interact with correct uielemnet
I tried even a hot key ctrl+e but was getting cannot communicate with browser

Hi @sheetal_Bora ,

Can you try adding a “Kill” activity at the end with Continue on error as true?

Please use these feature it will work

@caggarwal @keerthi3595 as of now this is how m using it close tab but still one session is opened in background

Hi @sheetal_Bora ,

How about using a “Kill Process” activity after Open browser container with Process Name chrome and continue on error set to true

@keerthi3595 outside the open browser container?

How abt this or shall I keep outside

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yes it should be outside the container

right now it is outside the sequence. actually it should be outside the “Open browser activity”

@sheetal_Bora u r using open browser then attach browser.
please use attach window