Issue with two browser opening at same time


I didn’t find any topic on that subject so I create a new one,

Here the issue:

The process is a loop, 1. open a browser (IE) 2. compare data 3.Close browser. Then open a new browser again.

My issue appear when the network is weak, the robot open 2 browser (exactely the same window) at the same time and stop because “Try Catch: can’t communicate with the browser”. (I need to open a browser one at a time).

I put a try catch at my open browser with a element exist as finaly, I also put a do while with another element exist right after to make sure it will wait. AND I put a kill process in a if condition at the end of the loop.

BUT the robot continue to open 2 browser when it is too long and the process isn’t kill at the end (when the network is good everything works find).

Can someone help me too solve that issue ? Sadly I can’t share my process.

Thank you !

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@SimT ,

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Below is what you can Try -

Kill the Browser at the Beginning of the Process and the ReTry - Meaning Anytime you are Opening the Browser - First Time or Retry - Put a Kill Process on Top of it .


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You need to make sure every time your process ends, it will leave the environment as clean as new… no matter if last time went well or not…

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Thank You guys for you answers, sadly that didn’t work. In fact the process can’t continue when 2 browsers are open so it can’t even ended.

I thought the best solution was to put a kill process just before the open browser wich is in Try Catch but I don’t know why, it didn’t kill anything (I put the name of IE in the field “ProcessName”).

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In this case use KILL PROCESS activity and mention the ProcessName property as “iexplore”
Before getting to next browser and it’s sequence of activities

Or enable continue or error property along the activity

Cheers @SimT

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I finaly find out, I just needed too pass “continueonerrore” on True in the open browser. it fixe my probleme thanks to the do while right after.

But thank you it appear than my Kll Process didn’t work properly because the name was wrong so thanks too you all guys this community is great :slight_smile:


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Cheers @SimT

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