Multi-Projects in one UiPath Studio Window

It would make development faster if multiple projects can be opened concurrently in one UiPath Studio. Currently, one can open multiple projects in different UiPath Studio windows/sessions - i.e. one project in one Studio window.

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What would be the advantage over one session per project?


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Just move the desire project on the same folder… I guess is just matter of organization, isn´t ?

mark this as solution :smile: just kidding, but now seriously think about it. like you need to pay invoices and then the other prject is what, something totally diferent and is not part of the automation? goto line 0 then… lol


@J0ska Idea is about one studio session multiple projects. Easy manoeuvrability.

@beesheep I am afraid, moving a project folder inside another project folder just to make it accessible in a studio session is not a good organization / practice - think about versioning, packaging, deployment, access control, SOD, etc. Typically, a project would have multiple .XAML files / workflows / sub-workflows, configuration files, input data, etc and one should maintain them independent of other projects.

Are there any examples of softwares you’ve been working with and allow this?

Hi @nougain, what would be better than Alt+Tab?

Most if not all of the leading IDEs e.g. Eclipse (not in RPA world though)

Hi @J0ska, Perhaps, you wanted to say “Alt+Tab*n” where n=1…some_number depending on the position in the windows opened :slight_smile: . Yeah, Alt+Tab is good!

It seems that Eclipse goes in the same way… keep your projects in a root folder.

You already have this functionality in UiPath.

On the other hand Visual Studio or Xamarin does not allow this.


@badita Thanks for your response. Can I create and work with this in Studio…

|_UiPath Workspace

I should be able to see following in the Studio...

UiPath Workspace

Note, UiPath Workspace is not a project, it is a workspace (a folder) - where I want to maintain set of projects.

To make this scheme work, I have applied a workaround where I am considering UiPath Workspace as a project too and have placed Main.xaml and project.json (automatically created by studio) inside it. Main.xaml is in a way a dummy file used to open the UiPath Workspace (i.e. Root Level Project, if you will). When the root project is opened it does show the Project1 and Project2 but, I believe, Studio treats them simply as folders. They are not treated as first class projects - please correct me if I am wrong or missing out on something fundamentally. Of-course, I am able to run Project1 .xaml and Project2 .xaml with this workaround but then Publish on these projects wouldn’t happen - it happens on the root project. Please have a look at the following image for some more details:

It could be that I am not using UiPath Studio properly to achieve what I wanted to. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.


You wanted to open projects (which works) and not to publish (does not work and won’t be available).
Again, VS Studio or Xamarin aren’t letting you to open multiple projects and I can’t relate to this as being a big issue.
If, however, community will desperately :slight_smile: ask for this we’ll reconsider.

A Solution level workspace would definitely be nice, but only as part of a larger update - taking into account shared workflows synced to separate repo’s and multipublishing subprojects as separate packages. Otherwise it’s wasted potential IMHO :frowning:


Open (which works) as well as ability to publish


Agreed. It was just an idea and I didn’t expect responses coming in so quickly :slight_smile:. Good to see these responses though. Thanks.

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recall :blush: … again if this will be required by many we’ll think about it @Florent_Salendres :slight_smile:

I also personally don’t think it is required for UiPath, what makes solutions useful in Visual studio is that you add another .Net project as reference, so when you build it also build its dependencies.


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I would add my two cents to this post, as I would be highly interested in this feature as well. @badita

I think @Florent_Salendres hit it right in the nail, if we had the ability to create dependencies from other projects to your working project would make development more efficient.

Similar to @nougain, I try to keep my code in a “workspace”, and subdivided it into applications and scripts/code. The scripts are my REFramework like projects. The applications will have the open/close/etc sequences for each applications. If I have 10 projects using the same application (as long as you have a mindset to reuse code) you can reuse activities in all your scripts.

10 might not be a huge problem, but if you have 100 or 1000 it starts getting inefficient (time consuming) to update scripts if you have to update the same thing in 1000 scripts. However if you can isolate the application script(s) that need changing and test it, all you need to do is publish the scripts and monitor. There is added benefits, but for the purpose of this topic I’ll keep it simple.

Design is really the key here, it might not be that evident for everyone as it is a mindset to reuse code.

To the topic here, I often deal with 2-5 applications in one project, so I have to open studio 2-5 times and Alt-Tab to be able to “see” the files. If I try to open a file from say project B in a studio that has project A open, it will close project A and to open project B.

If there was a way to “link” multiple projects to another, or be able to have multiple projects open at once (probably more of an issue) would be great.

Thank you,