Project structure in case of multiple workflows

How is the project structure followed in the cases where there may be around 100s of processes. Do you create 1 project for each workflow.?

Checking the feasibility of UiPath as a test automation tools which may have multiple areas with 100s of independent cases to execute.

Anyone who has implemented such structure, any suggestions?

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Rammohan B.

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Hello Mohan,

Did you figure out the best practice to structure and run the multiple Workflows under single process.

I am also looking for this feature


Hi @Suhail @Rammohan91

I am pretty sure that by now Rammohan91 will have a clearer idea on how to approach it :slight_smile:

From my side, I could only add that it is technically possible to simply read the file paths in a folder with all your workflows and then invoke those dynamically with an Invoke Workflow activity. This simple base should prove powerful when dealing with a lot of different workflows.


Thanks for prompt feedback.

Yeah, its appears to be simple and straightforward approach.

However I would like to know the following,

  1. what is best practices for such projects and scenarios
  2. How we can scale up the solution specified by you
  3. Will Invoke Activity can run in parallel process though sequentially called
  4. What is good approach to deploy it in Production (dispatcher / performer model )
  5. Can “Switch Case” would be better then approach recommended by you