Create two projects in the same folder

Hello everybody!
I want to create two projects that the second run after the first, but I want the two projects are in the same folder, not in separated folder every one.
I show an example in the picture that I add.
Somebody can tell me how can I do this ?
I hope an answer,

Hello @silvina

Based on what I understood, you want to have two projects inside the same folder. So I have one question for you.

What’s the structure of each process? Is it only a simple xaml file? Or are you using the REFramework for each process?

Additionally, having the two in the same folder would be fine, but how are you going to handle the errors of each? Let’s say your first one ran into an error in updating the queue, if the second one starts after that, it will run into errors right?

From the architectural point of view, that’s not a good design. Each process/ project should be a separate solution. So in your case, let them both be separate. Build another controller workflow solution to control the execution of these two to run one after the other. That’s the best way to design it :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you are using the orchestrator, this can be done easily using the orchestrator. Maintenance wise also this is far better than having everything in one.

If you need to know how to build a controller workflow, use the template below with the orchestrator

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Hello @Lahiru.Fernando,
I Just create a project with a simple .xaml file and another using the REFramework, because I want to do the first exercise of Level 3-Advanced Training.
This exercise is here: UiPath Academy. I upload the pdf file where explain the exercise, but I don´t understand very well the section to do the performer workflow, Can you help me with this section, please ?
I hope you can understand me. Regards.

d86948730787ecbf217dd641993c919118e3524d.pdf (614.8 KB)


As my understanding, you want to create two workflows in a single project,
After creating a Project, just click new in the top left of Uipath studio and create a workflow which will be created in the same folder.

Hope this will help you.

Suresh J

Hi @sureshj,
Yes, that is exactly I want to do,
thanks !


Thanks for the Update.

Suresh J