Multi Get Asset Activity

It is possible to create an activity “Multi Get Asset Activiy”?
it would basically have the same functionallity of Multiple Assign activity, in some cases the developer is requesting several assets.


Just an opinion:

  1. I think it would clutter the properties tab if there were a Multi-Get Asset activity. It might make it more difficult to identify which output is linked to which call in a Multi-Get Asset activity.
  2. Since UiPath also considers Credential type as an Asset, it might mean that some of the return values have two outputs with secure strings mixed in between all the return values and this will require to be handled in how the UI is presented, where the developer need to choose the type of asset for each call (row).

I am not sure if there is a strong enough reason to change what currently works really well.

That’s a really good idea, I think. We could have the same layout as with a multiple assign, where on the left you’d have asset names and on the right you’d have variable placeholders where to store the retrieved assets.

I’d only do this for assets, though, not credentials.