Getting System.Exception while using Get Asset Activity

Hi Folks,

While using Get Asset Activity i came across a System.Exception while using Get Asset Activity and fetching credentials from the asset made in the orchestrator server. The Execution time is a bit long as well. Please Help to resolve the issue.

For credentials, you have to use Get Credentials Activity.

Get Asset is only for strings, numbers…


Hi @KarthikByggari

Thanks for your reply.
I have made multiple assets where credentials and an url is a part of the process. I am only selecting the value as url but not the credentials therefore used Get Asset activity to read it as text. still getting the same issue.

Hi @KarthikByggari
The issue is resolved. I used Get Asset but the browser i used was Chrome. I even tried to add extension from tool for chrome and firefox but nothing worked. Its only working on IE by default.