Get all the asset present in my orchestrator dynamically

How to Get all the asset name and values present in my orchestrator dynamically.
Eg: if i have 10 asset in my orchestrator i need to get all the 10 asset name and its corresponding value dynamically

Hey @Purushothaman_S
You could use get asset activity for the purpose but the name of the asset should be known in this.

i want to get the name of the asset also dynamically

you need to have the assets name with you then you could get them by using variable

if i know the asset name then How to get them by using a variable

Pass the variable into get asset property of get asset activity and loop through it
Get asset : asset name = asset_array(counter)

May i know why we are using while and counter
if asset name is known its a single value which we can get through get asset activity output column in properties

you were having multiple assets. In the first issue you told that you are having 10 assets

These are my assets i need to get these assets name and value dynamically and store it in excel

Hi @Purushothaman_S ,

You can use the API call: Retrieving Per Robot Assets
Assets Requests (

This will return a json response and the response length will be equal to the number of assets which the robot has access to. You can use this reponse to get the values you are interested in for further processing.

I dont see a tenant level get all asset API call in the documentation so this is the closest to what you are looking for.

Hope this helps a bit!

Ok, i will try and get back to you bro

Hi @Purushothaman_S , as jeevith suggested you have to use API requests to get the a list of all assets and the type of asset. If the asset type is credential, the only way to retrieve username/password is to use get credential activity. It is not possible to retrieve credential’s value from API.

Btw I would suggested to use swagger to test your api call.

The endpoint to retrieve all assets is: /odata/Assets

May i know how to use it

may i know how to use it