How to get multiple assets

Actually I am working on one scenario but I’m bit confuse about assets. How to get multiple assets using one asset activity


  1. create a variable as a dictionary type
  2. use for each activity pass all assets in
    ex: {“asset1”,“asset2”,…}
    3 in for each body use “Get asset activity”
    4 Use Assign activity
    dictionary variable = asset value


Create a List of Asset Names
For Each assetName in listOfAssetNames
Get Asset activity
Asset Name: assetName
Output: assetValue

Use assetValue in your automation logic

End For Each

You can just get one asset with one invoke of the Get Asset activity. If you want to get many assets, you need to invoke the activity many times, eg. in a loop like suggested above.

Thanks @Moulika_Kaviti for your quick response

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