Performer and dispatcher

Dear all,. Kindly request anyone please let me performer and dispatcher in Uipath for certification exam point of view its very confusing for me
It will be a great help if I get know

  1. What is performer in Uipath and it’s pros and cons
    2.what is dispatcher in Uipath and it’s pros and cons

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Dispatcher is a bot that we create to load some data into the queues/DataTable. This data can be later used by another bot called as Performer.

Basically, it is breaking one single big bot (having both functions of loading and performing) into two pieces. One bot loads the data & the other performs over it.

So if you have got a process where it first fetched the input data from a resource and then process it later then use dispatcher and performer concept

If you have a process which is used to keep the input ready for other multiple process then use a single dispatcher process to create new queue items as input so that it can be picked and processed by multiple performer bots


Hi @srinivasan1998

Look over the video link


Hello @srinivasan1998

Hope you have already gone through the advanced developer courses in the academy before to your certification. In the Reframework section you will be able to see the correct explanation along with practical demos for the dispatcher and performer.