How can I use Dispatcher process with multiple bots?

I have one Dispatcher process which purposes to add data to Orchestrator Queue, How can I design a process workflow to be run on multiple robots?

Hi @BReddy_m

Hello @BReddy_m

If you have created the Job to run in any machine( not any specific machine), based on the availability of the bot. it will start the execution in that machine( robot should be configured in that folder).

As you are using the Queue for the items, multiple bots can work on your queue as well.


Hi @BReddy_m ,

We can run dispatcher process in multiple bots. Before that may I know what is the source for your input that is toting in work queue.

For suppose we are getting the input data from the excel which is having 60 records or cases.

There are multiple ways we can assign the work to bots

  1. We can split the input excel into multiple excel like in this case each excel with 20 records and save the excel with the multiple bot names so that multiple bots(in this case 3 bots) will pick up the data and store into the same queue.

  2. Second way is we can update the input excel we can have one more column and mention the bot name in that so our robots will pick up the input data based on the column we have created

There are other ways but main strategy is divide the input data assign to multiple bots so bots will extract the input and insert into same work queue.

And also subsequently you could use queue triggers to run your performer bots.

I hope the above suggestion would help you bit. Thanks


As part of the Point 1 : Yes , we can split the excel into multiple excel or multiple sheets ,but how can I get the Robots names which are created in Orchestrator which needed to be given as filenames to the multiple excel files. Can you please depict me the idea on this.

Hi @BReddy_m ,

how can I get the Robots names which are created in Orchestrator

you can get the machine name by using the below expression.

MachineName = Environment.MachineName

please let us know if you need any more help. thanks.

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Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

Please address me on that, How can I save the individual excels with different Bot names dynamically.?

Hi @BReddy_m ,

you need to create simple process for splitting your input excel. Please refer the below sample xaml for splitting the excel (in this case we can hardcode the machine names for the multiple excel we are splitting from input excel). (3.7 KB)

once splitting is done with the simple process you can run your original process in multi bot before that modify your original process to access the individual bot excel dynamically with the help of like below expression YourmainfolderPath+environment.machineName+“.xlsx”

i hope you got some basic understanding. thanks.


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Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1

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your most welcome @BReddy_m .