Orchestrator solution - questions/help

Need some suggestion on building one complex solution. Can you pls help me with the issue.
I have to maintain 6 bots 24 × 7
bot does the data entry process.
Bot will recieve the excel data in mail where 6 different people will mail the bot
Frequency of bots getting mail 2 hrs.

The part where I need your help is…
How to manage the queue?
How to design the dispatcher and performer in one bot?
Should all the 6 bots have dispatcher ?

One catch is they don’t want separate dispatcher and performer. Both should be in one bot and there would be 6 replicas of the bot on 6 different pc.
How do I manage the files to upload the queue that I get from mail.

I would be thankful if you can guide me through this.

About me I’m working in mumbai since a year and I’m from India.


Hi @ashley11,
The forum is perfect to ask such question. Please don’t be shy. Let me make these questions public. On forum there are a lot of super people who can help with it :wink: