MS teams message automation for multiple ID's failed

Hi Guys,
I facing a issue in teams automation message, here my problem is i able to send a message to one person but i am trying to sending message to multiple ID’s then i am facing a issue in Send Chat Message activity, issue is (“Send chat message: One or more errors occurred. (Sequence contains no matching element)”). Please help to solve this…


Hi @Aregala_Yedukondalu

You need to use a loop and send message should be used inside the loop and are you passing the correct teams ID?


Thanks @Anil_G,
I will give some more detail explanation, i already used loop
explanation :- Initially i have one excel in that some mail Id’s are there based on mail Id’s i am getting chat id by using Create One On One Chat activity this is also in loop i am getting output(Chat id’s) stored in one variable and i passed that varaible in Send Chat Message activity , in this its able to sending message for one person after that it getting chatid for second mail id successfully but when it came in send chat message activity then its showing error.