Send Message in teams

Hi ,

I get input string from user .Based in the input string i need to send message in teams group.Any package /activity for for sending teams message ?Kindly help.

Hi @tharaninatarajan1901
please try this one.

Thanks ,but i m not able to see the package .I am using studio pro 2021.4.4 version Enterprise edition.

@tharaninatarajan1901 I have Two UiPath version.
One is 20.10 and second is 23.2. In both this package is available.
Can you tell me how you are adding package.

I have found the package .Added Microsoft teams Scope and added send chat message activity inside it .Now can u please guide from where we get team id,ChatId,channel id

@tharaninatarajan1901 can you give me few moments

@tharaninatarajan1901 please read this documentation.
Send Message.