Activity become Missing or Invalid after update the UiPath.UiAutimation.Activities

Hi, Please let me know.
Before update the UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities all the activity was visible but once updated this activity all activity showing Invalid or Missing what is this?
Is it a bug or what I am not able to recover the activity. I have installed the needed packages but still showing the same.
I have uninstalled and reinstall the UiPTH Studio but the same it’s showing me.

Before if some activity was missign there was an option in the first-line recover dependency and path automatically installed the required package, But this time I couldn’t see this option.
Kindly help.

@Palaniyappan @loginerror @Lahiru.Fernando

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may i know what are activities that got like this
because there are some activities dependent on UIAutomation package like Computer Vision activities
Cheers @balkishan

Hi Palani even the Element Exist showing me Missing or Invlaid this is strange, before Update the Package everything was okay. But after update the package it’s showing me Invalid or Missing

in output panel we can see the issue with missing activities
may i know what is mentioned there

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Most of the Activities showing me Invalid and Missing.
Is it a bug in the new version? This is strange

@bcorrea @Palaniyappan can you see the issue

Take a look at you project dependencies to see what is missing.

update all the package to the latest version and try once