Move PDF error

I am using the move file activity to move a nuance power pdf file it is file type .pdf. When i use the activity it say file format is not supported. any ideas why and then how i can fix that?

Hello @josh.cusack,

Can you provide some screenshots with the settings that you have and also the error?
It will be great and faster to understand the issue.


properties panel

this is the error

Hello @josh.cusack,

The Path is dynamic? contain any variable?
The part that you hide there is the most important to figure out how you configured.

Did you used the Path Exist activity first to be sure that this specific path that you put there is read by Uipath robot?

I recommend to use that activity before MOve File activity.
Also, you can have something like this in your flow:
Path exist activity
If path exist, do something, is not do something else.