Move file activity

Hi All,

Can any one help me with move file activity
Move File: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\vanis\Documents\payRollAutomation\Temp\pdflist\A Sample PDF.pdf(1).pdf’.

You are providing the extension twice…

ok Thank you

again im getting the same error i removed the extension

Hi @Benone.Samuel.India

Check this

A Sample PDF.pdf(1).pdf is not a valid extension
A Sample PDF_pdf(1).pdf’ is a valid extension

Ashwin S.

ill try and let you know

no its not working with that also

@Vanishree_Matta Make use of the below example for move file syntax

From path : “C:\Users\Downloads\Dummyfile1.pdf”

Destination path : “C:\Users\Downloads\newfolder\Dummyfile1.pdf”

You are provifing the extension twice like this “C:\Users\Downloads\newfolder\Dummyfile1.pdf.pdf”

Dont have dot other than for extension

yes, i understood and i removed n tried it but its not working

pls share similar screenshot like the above one…so that i can look into the filename

ok ill send it

here are some screen shots

@Vanishree_Matta Have you checked if the Path Exists , You can Check if that Path of File is Present or not. You can use Path Exists Activity, If it doesn’t exist, then you know that the File doesn’t exist :sweat_smile:

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Is this file available in the location you have provided?
Copy the file path from this error message and paste it in address bar to check if you are able to open it also to verify the path doesnt conatin any unwanted spaces/characters.

The syntax is correct and so it should work. You rae missing something in the path.pls verify

ok ill check
and ill let you kow

yes your right
Thank you

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file is there when i did write line activity
its showing the path but its not moving

@Vanishree_Matta Can you show the File where it Exists in your Computer or Laptop :sweat_smile:

here is the screen shot of my file where it exists

another screen shot of file path