Move activity is moving the pdf but I can't open it

Guys, I have a problem where I download some PDF files and then use the move file activity to move these pdfs that I downloaded to a specific folder, so far so good it moves the files, but the problem is when I click to open the files this folder says that it was not possible to open the file, there in the download folder I can open the files normally, but in that folder where I move them I cannot open them.


Avoid using relative paths, as they might lead to unexpected behavior and use delay After Moving the Files

I chose an absolute path, but even so it is showing the same thing, when it downloads the file it has 284KB and when it moves the file it goes to 0KB and in fact it does not move, it just does a “copy and paste”

Hi @Natan_Crespo

Use wait for download activity before moving the files.

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