Move Outlook Mail Message to another folder twice

Hi, I have a MailMessage variable that I want to move folders twice. First I move it into a Processing folder, and next move it into a Completed folder. I am able to do the first move but when I want to move it again into Completed, it says Operation Failed. Most probably because it cannot find the MailMessage in its original location.

How do I do this?

@DEATHFISH You already know the Mail Message is being moved to Processing Folder. You can then move the MailMessage From the Processing Folder to Completed Folder Instead From the Original Location

@supermanPunch How do I do this?

@DEATHFISH After you Move the Mail Message to Processing Folder. The Location is known to you. The Folder Path and the Mail Message name, you can use that location Path in another Move File Activity to move to Completed Folder Path.

In case you have more queries, Can you post the Screenshots of the Two Move file Activities that you are using with the values that you are using in Source and Destination

@supermanPunch Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by use Move File activity. I only want to use Move Outlook Mail Message activity. There are no files being moved around here.

@DEATHFISH Ohk I might have Interpreted in the wrong way. So the Mail Message is not being stored locally or is not being moved to local Folders in the system?

No, I only want to move the emails to different folders within Outlook

@DEATHFISH Is it possible for you to show the Workflow that you have done ? Screenshots of it?

MoveEmail.xaml (7.4 KB)

Please see above for the workflow.

I am currently using the following as an email filter
"@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:subject LIKE ‘%“ + in_mEmailMsg.Subject+”%’”

However I get the error below, the filter does not work
Outlook Email Filter

Previously I used Move Outlook Mail Message on in_mEmailMsg twice. The first time it worked, the second time it was still looking for the MailMessage in its previous location, that’s why I had to use Get Outlook Mail Message with the filter to get the new MailMessage variable

@DEATHFISH The Filter Expression that you have used is not actually using the argument value. It is detected as String. You can just replace the double Quotes and Single Quotes and type it again. It seemed to Solve the Filter Expression error. Check if the Workflow works by doing that.

Could you type out a workable filter expression here? Thanks

@DEATHFISH Does your Expression look like below Image or Is everything in Red Indicating everything is a String?

Here is a screenshot of what I already have

Filter expression

@DEATHFISH Yes. As you can see,The argument that you have provided is not recognised as an argument value. You would just need to remove the double Quotes and type it again in order to solve it.

I get an error when I remove the quotes…

Filter expression without quotes

Could you post a filter expression that works?

You need to type it again :sweat_smile:

@DEATHFISH Check this updated workflow:
MoveEmail.xaml (6.5 KB)

I retyped it and I am getting error Expression expected

Also I looked at your updated workflow and it contains quotes

@DEATHFISH Ok. Using this Workflow, which I have modified the filter expression again I was able to move the mail mesages from the Processing Folder to the Completed Folder. This should work for your case as well.
Use this Workflow:
MoveEmail.xaml (7.1 KB)

I was able to make it work with this Setup :

The Arguments supplied :