How to reference a MailMessage, once it's been moved to another folder

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I’m looking to move emails from one folder to another and then again to a third folder. Currently, I get the mail message I need using the Get Outlook Mail Message activity. I then have a variable called mmMailMessage of type MailMessage. Using the Move Outlook Mail Message activity, I can move this email to another folder (for example: from ‘Inbox’ to ‘In Progress’), but then I’m unable to use the same activity to move the email to a third folder (e.g. ‘Complete’). I get ‘The Operation Failed’ as an error message. Presumably, this is because the mmMailMessage is in a new folder and can no longer be referenced. Is there a way of changing this information to reference the mail message in another folder once it’s moved?

Image below to illustrate what I mean if the above is not clear.

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After you have moved the email in “In Progress” Folder.


  1. Get Email from In Progress store in newMailMessage-Inum.
  2. For each item in newMailMessage ---- Option as MailMessage
  3. If(item.Subject = mmMailMessage(0).Subject)
  4. True-> Move item to “Completed” folder using Move Outlook Mail Message Activity.

Can you explain how this is happening ?
Some more explanation.