Move Cursor


Can anyone help with the following? I need to my bot to move the cursor so an image will appear (image below). This image only appears when the cursor is moved. When the image appears I want to download the file (the download part is working) but I don’t know how to get the bot to move the cursor. Any help is appreciated



Use mouse hover activity…

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Hi - Mouse hover activity doesn’t move the cursor which doesn’t make the image appear. I need the cursor to actually move for the image to appear

Hover will move the cursor… Just select some area to hover on it. it will work…

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The cursor moves across the page but the web page does not pick it up as a drag and the image doesn’t appear

I’m sure it’s not good practice to use hot keys, but for this task maybe it would be better.
For example If I open this link:
and just hit Ctrl+S it would open a new window and asked me where to Save this pdf file.