Change specific location image

Change specific location image

If there is an image change in a specific location
I want to run a “click” activity.

Does “uipath” have such a function?
Which activity should I use?
Could you please give me a little more detail?

I think you can try Find Element Activity.
Using find element it will return a ui element and using itsproperties u can able to retrive its position

For eg, i had used find element for deetcting an image and store in varaible data

Now i used

data.GetAbsolutePosition.Top, to get Top position and data.GetAbsolutePosition.Bottom to get the bottom position, simmilarrly we can use data.GetAbsolutePosition.Left and data.GetAbsolutePosition.Right to get left and right positions of image respectively.

By using that u can be able to detect the screen positions, now if you had defined value for the ui element position, u can check whether it variaed or not by computing the position as above, by this kind of validation, u can be able to click image

Nived N

In fact there is a Find Image activity:

So save the picture first and then try to find it again.