How to move the mouse cursor on web application

Hi All,

I am trying to “hold Shift key and move cursor” using UiPath activities.
can anyone help me to understand which activities should I use?

Thanks in advance

Try maybe use Parallel activity with both Move cursor and Send key inside it

which activity should I use for move cursor ?
We have one “Move Cursor” activity under “Terminal” package but it is not working for web window.

Also, I have used parallel activity but it couldn’t hold shift key ( under Type into activity) activity while performing any other activity.

Kindly suggest me.

Try activity: Hover :slight_smile:

The other way to do it:

First, type down shift with actvity “Type into”. You have to remember to release it after hovering the mouse, otherwise shift will be typed down all the time. So after hover: another Type into activity, this time with pressing shift up.
You can also choose which shift you want to use. Left or Right.
Disregard please this percent characters. These are put automatically by UiPath.

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Thank you so much Olgu.
It works. You save my life.:smile:

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