Move files from desktop to Sharepoint subfolder - issue


My task is to move files from my PC’s desktop to a Sharepoint and I have a problem with that.

Inside the Microsoft Office 365 Scope, I have a Find Files And Folders activity which returns a DriveItem variable with the root level Sharepoint folder, provided as a string “In” argument:

My in_URL argument: “
It leads me to the “General” folder, however I don’t know how to access the subfolders below in hierarchy:

Their paths are messy and not recognized by the UiPath activity.

Any hints will be appreciated!


  1. You have to provide the drivename also whcih is the document library name
  2. Use subfolder field as the relative path to the folder you need

for example if sp sire is

then url is -
Drivename - drivename
Subfolder = folder1/folder2
Query - requiredfolder

Hope this helps


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Hello @Anil_G thanks for a prompt reply.

Tried your advice and it works! This is how I modified the Find Files And Folders activity:

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