Move File & Copy File activities not working : Producing a 0 Ko file in the destination folder

As the title mentioned. My process is copying a file from the download folder to a working folder as destination.

Today for the very first time the destination folder get’s a 0 Ko file instead of the regular 180,000 Ko one.

The file isn’t any different that the ones from previous executions and the path of the destination folder either. If i test the move or copy activity on it’s own in a separate workflow it seems to work properly.

Any idea of what could be causing those activities to disfunction like so ?

not much sure, may be some system issues,

can u close and open the workflow once again?

Nived N
Happy automation

I resolved the issue. It was cause by the fact the file meant to be moved/copied was still being downloaded when the said activity was executed.

The addition of a part making sure the downloading of the file was completed before executing the move/copy file activites fixed the issue.

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