Copy/Move Downloaded file not working StudioX

Hi Team,

New to RPAs and have done most of the RPA Citizen modules on UIPath academy.


  1. Download Excel files
  2. Copy Downloaded files from downloads folder to a Raw Data Folder.


  1. The download works perfectly
  2. The activity do not copy/move files to my Raw Data Folder.
  • (I tried both the Copy and Move activity)

What I think is the problem is:

  • my “Save for later use” in the “Wait for Download” activity
  • Does not sync/work when I use the “Save for later use”>“Full Name” in my “Copy/Move” activity

Picture below

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @jaco
Can you show me the screenshot of the property panel of the Move file!!


Hi @Rakesh_Sampath ,

Thank you, here it is.

Hello @jaco
what is the path mentioned there?? i could get a clear idea by seeing just Reports downloads > FullName means??

Could you explain a bit clearly!!


Hi @Rakesh_Sampath

My understanding of the “Wait for download” activity, the “save for later use”[Reports downloads], will take the downloaded file from my “Users\Downloads” folder and save those files to my designated “Rawdatafolder”.

Hope this make sense?

Thanks again.

As per my understanding, First step you are downloading a file, it works perfectly and the next step you should move that downloaded file into another specific folder. Am i right??

Yes, you are correct. Download works perfectly.

Do you have another suggestion perhaps?

Give the output variable of wait for activity, In the From property of Move File Activity, It will work fine!!!

Thanks @Rakesh_Sampath , but can you guide me where I can wright the output activity?

I tried to add a delay activity in as well, but did not work.


what happens? you get an error? i tried just now the same scenario and works fine.
what is Rawdatafolder or where is it located?

Hi Horia,

I dont get any errors.
Can you share a screenshot, does it look like mine?
Rawdatafolder, is a folder created by an activity, shown here. Seems to work fine, it creates a folder with today’s date “YYYYMMDD” from the “Project Notebook”.

I’m on the move right now, no access to my computer, but i don’t think it’s correct using that Rawdatafolder. That is basically a variable, a boolean one, it’s value is false or true, it’s not the path to the folder. You need to move the file to that folder, either you provide the path using the browse button or you use Get folder info activity and on the move activity you will have the output saved from the Get info as Folder path.

I will investigate why you don’t get an error trying to move the file to that variable which doesn’t represent the path.

Thank you Horia,

Checking, will reply soon.

Hi @studioX ,

Thank you so much, it works. used a fixed path to move the downloaded file.

But if you can assist with this Variable below, I should be able to work on the other steps below:

  • The Idea was to download a file every day,
  • (Variable) Move this file to a newly Robot created folder (ex, Raw Data YYYYMMDD)
  • Paste the downloaded file in that folder.
  • Rename the File to ABCDEF - YYYYMMDD
  • Copy Sheets from various downloaded files to one excel file
  • Save file as “Consol Data - YYYYMMDD”

Please let me know your thoughts, but Thanks again for all your help.

Main.xaml (14.7 KB)

Thanks Horia,

I looked at your example and its super cool, but I needed to download some files from a website.

My initial idea was that:

  1. If all my files were downloaded.
  2. Then the robot will copy all files that were downloaded
  3. to a daily file.

Your flow uses “for each file” within the “D\Test” folder, but my downloads from Chrome goes to the default downloads folder - “Users\Downloads”, where many excel and other files sits, thus I cant use “For each file”.

Unfortunately, either the “Wait for download file” or “Copy file” only recognizes one file at a time.

Thus, I made a “Wait for download file” and a “Copy file” for each file the robot is downloading.

Website to download files from via the “App/Web recorder”

Group the “Get file info” from each “Wait for download file” “Save for later use” above

Creating a new folder for every day

Copy files one by one from the “users\Downloads” folder

Works perfectly

If you have a better way of doing this that be great.
Thanks again for all @studioX

i think you can optimize a little like this:

to move directly the downloaded file to the new folder.

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I see, basically (Wait for download → Move file)x4 , perfect.

Thanks again for everything.

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Would be awesome to have an action “wait FOR EACH download”, perhaps we will see it in the next few updates.

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