Inconsistency performance of the move file activity

Hello Team,

The Move File Activity is inconsistent in it’s performance sometimes it works and other times it gives me that error.

Kindly advsie,
Kakooza Allan Klaus

Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus

It seems that the source file is not found. It is not an issue with move file activity. To resolve this issue, you have to make sure if the file is in the location. You can use below ways to resolve,

I guess you are downloading it from somewhere. Please use an activity Download File activity. It ensures that the file is downloaded. Then you can use move file.

Otherwise, please use path exists activity to ensure if the file is in the required folder. then you can use move file activity.

This should resolve such issues.

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Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus ,

It’s always good to check your file exist or not before moving it to certain folder.

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Hi @Sugumar8785,

I don’t see the Download File Activity what I used in my workflow is the Wait For Download Activity doesn’t work in the same way

You can create a logic where it will retry 3 times till the file get downloaded to destination.

May be file is not getting downloaded to respective path and you are getting this error.

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Hi @ermanoj3101

Am sure this will be helpful. Let me try it out

Thank you

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Hi @ermanoj3101

The path is a String and the If Activity only accepts Boolean.

What should I do?


Did you check this by running Studio in Administrator mode?
As you are moving the C: file there was a chance that you don’t have the required access
Also ensure that tmp file is not locked by any program

Hope this may help you


You have to pass the boolean value of Path exist activity output instead of file path.

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Thanks @ermanoj3101

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