Mouse Click Activity Bumbling

It’s a simple mouse click which is supposed to click a link, it does click sometimes but fails few times and doesn’t click the link to open a webpage, and as a result automation fails. The funny part is it starts working if I login to unattended bot VM. Following click properties I am using:

Any idea or suggestion please?

Checking SendWindowMessage made it work.
Not sure what difference does it make at UI interaction level. Can someone plz explain the purpose of SendWindowMessage property?

Hi @ramvashista85

Please have a look,


thank you @suraj.setty, I did go through the video and the UiPath docs stating difference in the various input properties before asking here.
Click activity in my application with default properties didnt work, and then I tried other combinations i.e: enabling / disabling SimulateClick and SendWindowMessage but in the end checking SendWindowMesage fixed. This seems contrary of default method being work 100% so I really wanted to understand what magic SendWindowMessage did to fix the issue?
There was a point when it says enabling SendWindowMessage makes OS to work with application so want to understand this more.

Hello @ramvashista85

Please see the below explanation which can give clear overview.


How does it work?
Clicks: the mouse cursor moves across the screen
Typing: the keyboard driver is used to type individual characters


How does it work?
Replays the window messages that the target application receives when the mouse/keyboard is used
Clicking and typing occur instantly


How does it work?
Uses the technology of the target application (the API level) to send instructions
Clicking and typing occur instantly