Send Window Message

I think there’s something with send window message. It doesn’t work on elements that aren’t visible, an error appears which says it doesn’t support this type of click.
Did someone else encounter the same error?
I’m using UiPath 2018.1.4 Windows 7 x32

Can you try with simulate type property and check if you are getting the same error @Tiberiu_Niculescu

It works using simulate click, but I have an entire robot that uses sendwindowmessages and now i am forced to change them all to simulate click

This used to work with an older version of Studio?
If the message says “…not supported” it means that its not implemented, its not really an error but a missing feature.

yes, it worked with an older version

here is what happens now


Can you confirm the version that worked? And what do you click on?

i can’t tell the version for sure now, i’ll ask tomorrow.

i tried to click on a button to login on a webpage.

What browser? If you try another browser, it will work?
Thank you.

i’m trying to do the same thing in chrome, but the extension doesn’t work

So you use IE. Do you remember what version of studio you used when it worked? Have you found out?

Also, can you try with 18.2 beta (community installer) and let me know?

i don’t remember the last version. is there a file that might contain this information?

Its fine. Still, i would like for you to try the same wf with 18.2 beta and let me know if its still not working