How simulate type/click and send window messages works?

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I’ve a doubt.

How simulate type/click works? Why it works faster than send window messages and default methods? Also why it can work in background?

How send window messages works? Can it work faster than default method? Also why it can work in background?

Can you explain in detail?

i hope this documentation will help you :slight_smile:

Yes. I’ve gone through the documentation. But I’m looking for more detailed explanation. What exactly happens when a click action is performed using simulate click or send window messages?

when we use default if u notice cursor moving so we cant use it for background automation but when we use simulate click it does not rely on the mouse driver, so it provides a faster way of performing click actions. send window messages tries to communicate with the DLL of the application.

This gives some idea about send window messages. Thank you. But how does simulate click work?