Monitor events-RepeatForever not working


The RepeatForever option not working for Monitor Events.

I have workflow which keep monitor a folder for a file, on arrival of the file it has to trigger and give message then stop workflow so I have set the property PrepeatForever as False but it is not stopping after triggering…it is keep running.
Please help me. (18.0 KB)

When RepeatForever is set to false it won’t trigger more than one time
But if it is doing then there might be some other triggers which might trigger other activities in the monitor events
Is there any such

Cheers @Neerugattu

No, I did not used any other triggers.
I have already attached the workflow, please check and help
Thank you.


Although the official manual claims FileChangeTriggerV2 is used inside MonitorEvents activity, it should be used standalone actually.

So, you can choose the following options.

  1. Use FileChangeTriggerV2 not in MonitorEvents activity but standalone.
  2. Downgrade “UiPath.System Activities Package” 19.8 or lower and replace to previous FileChangeTrigger in MonitorEvents activity. Then update this package 19.10 or later

Hope this helps you.


@Yoichi, Thank you for your reply it is working fine when I have used FileChange Trigger as standalone.
But I have one more query, in this case let me know how I can monitor two different folders.
I have two folders Output and Error. If the server script run successfully then it will generate a file and moved into a shared folder “Output” else there is any error in running script then it will generate a error file and moved to Error folder, so I need to create a RPA workflow to monitor two folders which ever it receives then it has to trigger and close, it should not go for ever loop.
Please suggest.

once again Thank you.

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I suppose you can achieve it with either the following ways.

  • Use Parallel activity and put 2 or more FileTriigerV2 Activity in it.

  • Use previous FileTrigger activity with MonitorEvents as mentioned in my previous post .