Question About End Monitor Events

Hi there
Here is my case, I have 2 workflows in in a parallel activity. One is the monitor event that I used to trigger sending mail, the other is the main workflow. I want to use monitor event to trigger send mail activity multiple times while the main workflow is in operation. But to the end the entire workflow after the main workflow is finish.

My current issue is the entire workflow will not end if I set the 'repeatForever=True '. If set it to false then I can only trigger the event once

Thanks in advance

Not sure if I’m imagining correctly, but what happens if you pass boolean variable into RepeatForever? True all the time and before your last email set it to false.

If set to True, is it coming back to another parallel workflow at all?

Thank you, assign a boolean variable to RepeatForever solved my problem perfectly. Set RepeatForever=True doesn’t make the parallel workflow repeat, it’s the monitor event never end.