Monitor Event running twice

Main.xaml (6.6 KB)
Please find attached the file. In this I have created a monitor event. Which is triggered on a button click. When i click the button it should display a message box once. And this activity should run forever. But instead of the message box being displayed once it is displayed twice. I do not understand why. Can anyone help me with this.

Its working fine as expected .
Every time you click on search button message box pops up.
Is there anything specific requirement your looking for?

When I am running this workflow the message box pops up twice but it should pop up only once. I wanted to know why is this happening.

not sure why it coming twice :thinking: .I’m running your workflow and message box pops up once .(everyclick one time message box)

:cold_sweat: Can you please click it 9-10 times. When i am running the workflow some times the message box pops up only once but some times it pops up twice!!

hahah. :thinking:
Who’s culprit here? :wink:
try with setting up EventType (sync)
and block event checked.

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Thanks ! It works. Can you please explain what does EventType and block event do?

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Thanks :slight_smile:

@ddpadil @JayaTyagi - Guys! I need your help with similar situation in a citrix environment. Can you please help me with the below post?