Monitor events/assisted automation

Hi- I have a question If I have to perform multiple event handlers in a single xaml for a FOR /assisted bot is it possible.? For example on one click I want to open an application and on another trigger- I want to get the data from an app and on another trigger I want to set the data into the app,

Can we add all these 3 events in a single sequence or flow chart?

@vsg Yes it is possible you can add multiple monitor events to your workflow

Thanks Samurai- Have tried adding a monitor event (inside an event handler) in a flow chart . With one activity it works perfectly fine. When I add another monitor event it is not able to recognize the second event trigger, Only the first one is been recognized. Is there a special handling we should do to recognize it?

@vsg if both the events suppose click events you want to monitor activates same web page then use parallel activity you can put multiple click activity to monitor side by side.

but if you want to monitor click activities which leads to separate pages use two monitor events instead of one

Do you have any sample xamls with multiple monitor events?

@vsg i will have to make a demo one as i cant share my work xamls

Hi Have tried running the below sample xaml. The event worked for the first monitor event ,where as it i snot working for the second one. Can you please check and let me know if some thing is wrong here.

If possible please try to send a sample xaml where it worked for multiple monitor events.

Hello Samurai- When you get a chance can you please check the xaml and let me know what is wrong in it . if possible can you give me a simple xaml where you have multiple monitor events handled. Thanks.

hi @vsg okkey i will check it,sorry i missed the notification.


Hi Samurai- PFA xaml for your reference-

Monitor events.xaml (18.8 KB)

Main.xaml (23.3 KB)

please find the solution,it is working now @vsg

Thanks Samurai- Does that mean - we have to add all the monitor events in the parallel activity? Cant we run the events sequentially?

Hi @vsg if you want to use monitor activities sequentially then you have to change repeat forever from TRUE to FALSE

please see the attached fileMain.xaml (23.9 KB)

Thanks Samurai- But if we change that flag to false - the bot can only run once correct. If our intention is to run the bot continuously and observe for the triggers- do we need to use in parallel only or any other options.

Like my use case is-

Step-1 on doing some click - get the data from application -1

Step-2 on doing another click- Enter the data into application 2

step 3- on doing another click- Do some validations and provide the results to the user

and the same steps will get repeated for the next case. and bot will be running continuously on the user desktop.

Please provide your opinion. Thanks.

hi @vsg you can do this Main.xaml (24.7 KB)

Thanks Much Samurai- Appreciate your response!!!.

Is a monitor cancelled when it returns the parent XAML?
Once a monitor is issued, can the monitor be cancelled without firing the monitored event?
Or assume 2 parallel events within a single monitor (repeat=false), will both events deregister when 1 of the events fires?

Hi @Samurai, I have a question for you here.
I’m trying to work on an example case wherein I check the total number of mouse clicks & key press events & return the final counter. This is simple enough, and I’m able to work-around with individual Monitor events.

But is it possible to use them in a nested manner? For instance, I take the desktop scope to check for click/keyPress events. The user could click as many number of times on the desktop & hit any key, but as soon as he hits a special key combination(eg - Ctrl+D, or Shift+I, etc) it should stop execution.

I want to nest these operations so that the automation entirely stops when this combination is hit.

Can you give any input for the same?
Thanks in advance… help much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @sandhya.dev01 will check it and let you know.


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Thanks for Helping @Samurai :slight_smile:
Will look forward to the response